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5 Reasons You Should Do Squats


5 Reasons You Should Do Squats

Squats are one of the most popular workouts today; ladies and gentleman both participate in this amazing exercise. Whether you do weighted or not or variations of the squat, you’ll be getting a full lower body workout. It’s easy to do, and you need little to no equipment. So, since it’s one of the biggest exercise hypes out there today, what, exactly, are all the benefits of squats?


All of the Benefits: Out of all the exercises out there today, squats are one of those exercises that everyone does, and for great reasons. Here are just a few of many benefits to squats!

  • Kill the Cellulite: With squats, you’re increasing circulation through your legs, therefore getting rid of that cottage cheese looking cellulite. It’s a blood pumping, muscle toning exercise that will tone your legs.
  • Digestion Helper: Believe it or not, squats actually help with digestion. Squats help to get the fluids in your body moving so you don’t have toxins sitting in your body. Also, squatting actually helps you to have a bowel movement, making you feel better immediately.
  • No Strain Squats: For those of you with aches and pains in your back, squats won’t hurt. Unlike some exercises like jumping jacks, squats will get you toned muscles without hurting youself. It’s a win-win.
  • No Need for Equipment: This workout is perfect – you can do it on your lunch break, before you get in the shower, or before you go to bed. You don’t need a single piece of equipment to complete this exercise. If you want to up the difficulty, you can change it up a bit or you can add some weights. For different types of squats, you have:

o   Plie Squats: Wider stance makes for a more difficult squat. Angle your feet significantly outward for a increased difficulty.

o   Pulse Squats: With a pulse squat, you go all the way down, but you hold the position and pulse. Super intense!

o   Single Leg Squats: Do this squat with one leg; put one leg behind you, and squat down with the other. Hold a chair or something stable in front of you to keep you from falling. If you’re confident with your balance, do the single leg squat without support.

o   Plyometric Squat: It’s a regular squat, but when you come up, you shoot up like a rocket, and then land softly. So it’s like a jumping squat. This will really get your heart pumping!

  • Weight Loss Wonders: Because you’re working up a sweat and you’re really working your whole body (depending on what level and type of squat you do), you can really lose some weight. So not only do you get some muscle toning, but you can lose weight as well!


Here at CDMGym, we have excellent trainers that can show you just how to accomplish a squat the right way. For that summer body, make sure to get your squats in and to get enrolled in a gym! Here at CDMGym, we have excellent classes, fantastic trainers, and great equipment! If you’re interested in joining a gym and learning how to do a perfect squat, make sure to pay us a visit!

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