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6 Tips on Setting Successful Fitness Goals

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6 Tips on Setting Successful Fitness Goals

The biggest reason why people do not accomplish their fitness goals is because they are unrealistic. We all start off with a forceful push to get into shape and get healthy fast! We expect to go from couch potato to six pack abs after a week of killing ourselves on the elliptical machine. Low and behold after a week of pure exhaustion, we regretfully don’t see results we crave and we give up.

The good news is that fitness goals can be accomplished even by the most sedentary of people. Unfortunately, it takes time and a lot more effort than one week. Luckily, it’s easy to make the goal of a healthier lifestyle more attainable.

Write it Down

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First and foremost, write down your goals and why you want to attain them. Be specific as possible. Then keep a journal of your progress.

Set aside a time each week to reassess what you have written throughout the course of the week. See how far you have come. Include the distance you ran, how long you worked out, how much you lifted or whatever it is that you choose to include. Watch how your progress changes from week-to-week.

Remind yourself

Remind yourself of your goals. Make sticky notes and put them on your fridge, the bathroom mirror or the front door. Constantly remind yourself of the big picture and why you have chosen this journey.

Spread it out

Ideally, your goal should be spread out over several months. Whether you are training for your first 5k or a marathon, set aside enough time to reach your goal. People don’t become marathon runners overnight. It takes months of training and dedication. Regardless of your goal, set aside the necessary time to make sure you can complete it successfully and without injury.

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Determine your big goal. Are you hoping to complete your first 5k? Finish your first marathon? Get down to 15% body fat?

Break down your big goal into several smaller, quantifiable goals over the next few months. Make it simple, very simple. For example, start off running 1 mile for 3 days a week. Break it down even further by making a goal of walking half a mile twice a week. Let yourself slip into a routine. Allow yourself to like what you are doing and gain confidence in your ability. Most of all make it attainable and allow yourself to feel successful every step of the way.

Be Honest

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Be honest with yourself. Assess the reality of being able to accomplish this goal within the given time that you have allowed yourself. Maybe you are recovering from an injury or you work long hours and can’t always get to the gym every night. Factor in everything and make your objectives as realistic as possible.

Stay Focused

Accomplishing a goal is not difficult. Staying focused on the goal is!

Make goal setting simple and find creative ways to keep yourself focused. You will be accomplishing goals in no time!

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