CDM Gym Montreal | Beach Workouts for a Beach Body at CDMGym Montreal

Beach Workouts for a Beach Body at CDMGym Montreal

Beach Workout

Beach Workouts for a Beach Body at CDMGym Montreal

Going to the beach for a summer vacation is almost a must – you’ll enjoy soaking up the warm sun rays, basking in the rolling ocean water, listening to the seagulls cry and the music of a distant radio wafting on the gentle summer breeze. The beach is almost a healing and rejuvenating place, so why not make it even more so by enjoying some fun beach workouts? Here are some fantastic ideas that you can try the next time you pay a visit to the beach.

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Beach Workout

HIIT Beach Workouts: Here at CDMGym, we have a fantastic selection of classes that include an array of different HIIT workouts. Once you join a class and get the hang of some of these workouts, you can easily take them to the beach when you go on vacation! With that in mind, here are a few great ideas for you to keep in your back pocket:

  • Tone It Up: It’s important to get your body ready for a HIIT workout, as they’re pretty intense and relatively strenuous on your body. Here are a few workouts you can do to get your body ready for a beach HIIT workout!

o   Side Shuffle: In a plank position, laterally shuffle your body from one side to the next. You can use your beach towels to set up as boundary lines if that will help you set a goal.

o   Long Jumps: With this, bend your knees and jump as far as you can. Do this for 30 seconds. The beach sand will make this a little more difficult.

  • Now for the Workouts! Start with a tabata workout, which includes a set of alternating lunges, squats, and planks. Once that’s complete, start some of these fun workouts!

o   Surf’s Up! If you’ve always admired a surfers agile ability to get up on the surf board from a lying down position to standing, complete with rolling waves and a deep ocean, than here’s your chance to try it out! Start from a low plank position, and then quickly jump up to a squatting position, like a surfer. Do this several times, alternating your lead leg.

o   Lunge and Jump: This is a great leg workout, as it engages your thighs to a massive degree. Start in a lunge position, both knees at a 90 degree angle, then jump. Once you land, make sure your lead leg is now in the back, and your back leg is in front.

o   20 Yard Sprints: Use two beach towels, placing them about 20 yards apart. Start at one towel, and sprint to the next. Sprint back to the first towel, and then repeat the exercise several times. This is a great cardio workout that will really get your heart pumping!

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Here at CDMGym we have fantastic HIIT classes that are bound to get you in fantastic shape. With these classes, you’ll learn several HIIT workouts that you can easily take to the beach. With our professional coaches helping you along the way, you’re bound to get your dreamy beach body!

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