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Benefits of Using a Fitbit during your Workout

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Benefits of Using a Fitbit during your Workout

With the busyness of work, school and family, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can prove to be a challenge. But with the help of a Fitbit, reaching your fitness goals becomes easier. Whether you’re an experienced exerciser or a beginner, there is a Fitbit perfect for your needs.

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The FitBit has many uses

A Fitbit is a little device that serves many different purposes. For the everyday exerciser, those looking to include fitness into their normal routines through steps taken and stairs climbed, there are four different choices of Fitbit. Available in multiple colors, these stylish, unobtrusive trackers monitor your activity throughout the day. The Zip Fitbit, which clips to clothes, tracks your steps, miles walked and calories burned. It then sends this information to your computer or smartphone, making your path to fitness easy to track. It helps you set goals and monitor how far you’ve come.

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Fitbit also has three different wristband models for the everyday exerciser, all of which sync your movements wirelessly and send them to your computer or smartphone. Available for less than $100, these wristbands can help you turn fitness into a 24-hour activity. The One Fitbit tracks your movements throughout the day and monitors calories burned. It also follows your sleep patterns, helping you work towards better sleep quality. The Flex Fitbit does everything the One does, but is a thinner model with many more color choices available. The Charge Fitbit is the newest wristband model for the everyday exerciser. At around $130, it does everything the other versions do, but also syncs to your phone and sends you call notifications with caller ID. It has a battery life of seven to ten days, and allows you to see daily statistics and set an exercise mode on the OLED display. This lets you to see how close you are to your performance goals at any time of the day, enabling you to increase movement as needed.

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For the active exerciser, those with planned workout times throughout the week, the Charge HR will be released soon for purchase. This wristband monitors heart rate and heart rate zones, and tracks workouts and all-day activity through active minutes and steps taken. It also give you run stats as you workout, and lets you view workout summaries. It monitors sleep, syncs wirelessly, and has caller ID and a watch. All this information allows you to adjust your workouts as needed, increasing calories burned and helping you reach your fitness goals. For only $150, it can dramatically change the way you workout, can help you become more active throughout the day, and can improve your sleep to give you more energy.

Also being released soon is the Surge, a Fitbit for the performance exerciser. Those training for a marathon, or those who incorporate varied and intense workouts into their routines, will find the Surge an irreplaceable companion. With GPS tracking, it can follow distance, pace and elevation climbed, and help you review routes. It also has a multi-sport feature, tracks running, cross-training and cardio workouts. It monitors heart-rate, with real-time feedback, and also tracks and records your sleep patterns. It notifies you of calls or texts, and takes the technology a step further by allowing you to control your music playlist. Designed to provide the intense exerciser with invaluable information at their fingertips, for only $250 the Surge makes following your training progress easier than ever.

 Designed to make keeping active easier

Designed to make keeping active easier for all levels of exerciser, a Fitbit is an inexpensive, valuable tool to take along on your fitness journey. Packed with all the information you need to moderate and track your progress, a Fitbit will help you make goals and keep them, making your 2015 new year’s resolutions finally achievable.

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