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Core Cardio Classes That Keep You Fit

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Core Cardio Classes That Keep You Fit

For those who have never experienced core cardio; it’s fun, intense and an overall great workout. Let’s explore this class, to see if it would be something that would benefit you.

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What’s Core Cardio Class?

This class is meant to sculpt and tone your whole body, while building cardiovascular endurance. There is no doubt that this class is intense; your heart will be kicked into high gear. It is a great way to target multiple parts of your body.

The overall goal of core cardio classes are to increase endurance, while strengthening your core. This will allow you to build stamina and challenge you. This class is great for people who become easily bored of the same routines. Core cardio classes are not only high-energy, fun classes; there’s so many variations. You’ll never be bored, and you will feel great after this class. Check out our Group X schedule and see when our next class is.

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Benefits of Cardio Workouts

There’s no doubt that cardio is great for your body. Let’s look at some of the main benefits that cardio has to offer:

  1. Positive Mood: It is not only your body that is benefiting from cardio, but your mind as well. While you’re exercising (and even after), your brain is releasing dopamine. This has a positive affect on your mood. It’s not a coincidence that you feel great after cardiovascular activity.
  2. Heart Health: With heart disease on the rise, it’s important to target this crucial organ. Your heart is a muscle; like any other muscle, it needs to be worked to increase it’s strength. The moment you step into a core cardio class, your heart will thank-you.
  3. Improving Metabolism: Cardio workouts help to increase your overall metabolism rate. This will help to maintain a healthy weight.
  4. Increased Energy: If you exercise on a regular basis, you’ll find that you actually have more energy. Energy levels are so important, especially within our current hectic lifestyles.

These are just some of the benefits that cardio workouts address. A core cardio class, wouldn’t be that without the core workout.  Yoga classes and Zumba classes are great too, however they all use the basic principle of working out, increasing cardiovascular fitness.

Benefits of Working Out Your Core

Many people think core, and think ‘abdominal’. The truth is, there is so much more involved in our core. Our core body supports our; abdomen, shoulders, spine, back and more. Core workouts focus on all these areas. Here are some of the key benefits of working out your core:

  1. Posture: If you tend to slouch in your chair at work, focusing on your core is a great idea. Many of us complain about lower back pain. Although there are various reasons for this, many have found that working out their core has improved their back pain. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of your muscles being a little bit weak. Your posture will improve once these muscles are strengthened.
  2. Balance: It is important to have a strong core so that our bodies are stable and strong. This will allow for optimal balance.

As you can see, there are so many benefits to your health through core cardio class. Not only will you feel better, you’ll be having fun.

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