CDM Gym Montreal | Fit and Fabulous with Yoga: Different Types of Yoga Specifically for You

Fit and Fabulous with Yoga: Different Types of Yoga Specifically for You

Hatha Yoga

Fit and Fabulous with Yoga: Different Types of Yoga Specifically for You

A lot of times, when you think of Yoga, you think peace, tranquility, harmony, body mind & soul, and rejuvenation. All of that is true, but what about body sculpting with Yoga? Yes, you read that right. Believe it or not, doing yoga on a regular basis can get your body in the best shape it’s ever been. Let’s take a look at the different types of yoga, and how sculpting is possible with Yoga!

Hatha Yoga

The Different Types of Yoga: There are several different types of yoga out there, but let’s take a look at a few different ones and how each one is designed specifically for different results.

  • Hatha Yoga: This is the yoga you typically think of; It’s all about relaxation, slow and fluid movements, and finding peace. This is more your introductory yoga, and is a good one to start with.
  • Flow Yoga: The term for flow yoga is Vinyasa. This type of yoga is where you are constantly moving from one yoga pose to the next, hence the reason it’s called “flow”. This is a good class to graduate to after Hatha Yoga. Here at CDMGym, we offer a fantastic Flow Yoga class that will help you to understand the basics, learn your poses, and get in better shape.
  • Ashtanga: This is a really good Yoga for those of you who want something fast pace, heart pumping, and sweat-inducing. This type of Yoga also takes a lot of discipline, as it is a daily routine that you need to stick with.
  • Iyengar: For those of you who want to focus on gaining control over your body, finding your center of gravity, and focusing on alignment, than this is the type of yoga best suited for you. Although you practice several yoga poses, it is different than Ashtanga, as you move slowly into the poses, rather than quickly.
  • Restorative: Yoga is known for its stretching, and this is a really good one for those of you who’s focus is on really stretching, healing, and strengthening your muscles. This one uses props, such as towels or bolsters, and you remain in a pose for several minutes to really experience the ultimate amount of stretching.

restorative yoga

Here at CDMGym, we place our focus on the restorative health and regeneration of all our members. We offer different types of yoga classes, such as hatha flow yoga, sculpt and yoga, and yoga flow. No matter what your focus and goals are, we have excellent teachers here that are dedicated to helping you reach those ideals and hurdle over those mental and physical obstacles. There is no better way to live life than healthy and focused, and we believe that Yoga helps get you there. For those of you who are interested in joining one of our several yoga classes and learning more about them, make sure you give us a call or stop on by. We are more than happy to help you discover a whole new world where your mental and physical health are at their best.

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