CDM Gym Montreal | Get Summer Ready, Fit and Fabulous with the Best Gym in Montreal

Get Summer Ready, Fit and Fabulous with the Best Gym in Montreal

get fit for summer

Get Summer Ready, Fit and Fabulous with the Best Gym in Montreal

Summer is bounding around the corner, bringing with it sunshine and warmth. We’ve all been waiting (impatiently, perhaps?) for those glorious, long summer days, but unfortunately we’re all a little guilty for sporting the “sweat pant body”. We’ve all gained a few pounds, and with summer coming, it’s only natural to want to shed those extra pounds and sweatpants. With that in mind, CDMGym has the perfect solution for you. We’ve created a fantastic workout class schedule that meets everyone’s needs, from the beginner gym-goer, to the avid workout-aholic. Here at CDMGym, we’re dedicated to each one of our members, so we’ve created the best schedule to help you get your body in the best shape possible for those fantastic beach days ahead!

get fit for summerIf you’re interested in what we have to offer, take a look at some of the classes we have scheduled!

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High Intensity Classes:

These next few classes are great for those of you who are really into intense workouts. These classes were designed to really get the sweat pouring and get you in the best shape of your life. Here are just a few of those classes:

We offer different types of spinning classes, including:

  •           spin express
  •           HIIT spinning
  •           spin and sculpt, and
  •           spin and core.

They are all relatively intense, but each one is tailored to your preference and goals. As we all know, HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, is a great class that’s intense, result producing, and great for getting you back into shape. This is a class that’s recommended for more experienced spinners, as the intensity level is relatively high. Spinning and Sculpting is just another type of intense spinning, offered at a different time and day, and spin and core is great for those of you who want to enjoy spinning as well as focusing in on your core.

Body Sculpt:
It’s an all-around class that focuses on sculpting your whole body, instead of focusing and honing in on one particular part of your body.
Kick Box:

This is a great class that creates a lot of energy and fun routines. Intense, fun, and powerful – it’s a great workout for those of you who want to do a little more than just workout.
Defi Abdos:

This is a workout that is tailored for those of you want to focus on sculpting your abs. It’s a bit of an intense ab workout, but is great for anyone who wants to really tone your stomach.

Enjoyable, Yet Result-Providing Classes:

Any workout is guaranteed to provide results, but depending on your intensity level preference, you’ll want to choose a class that is better suited for you and your abilities. These classes below are guaranteed to get you the results you desire, just at a lower intensity rate. Here are some of those classes:

Here at CDMGym, we provide a few different styles of yoga that best suit each one of our member’s needs. At CDMGym we provide yoga classes such as:

  •          Matin Yoga
  •           Yoga Flow
  •           Hatha Flow Yoga
  •           Sculpt & Yoga


Want to learn new, fun moves as well as lose weight? Then Zumba is the class for you! It’s an incredibly fun and enjoyable class that’s lighthearted, heart pumping, and result producing!


Again, like Yoga, we offer several different types of Pilates classes, such as:

  •          Flow Pilates
  •          Mat Pilates

best gym montreal

Here at CDMGym, as you can see, we offer a multitude of different classes that are bound to meet your needs. If you are interested in any of these classes, or any of the other classes we have to offer, make sure to check out our schedule, pay us a visit, and schedule your first class!

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