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How to Get in Summer Shape

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How to Get in Summer Shape

With summer warmth comes bathing suits, days at the beach or pool, cold drinks, and hot summer nights. It’s a time for fun, relaxation, and basking in the sun. But if you’re like most, during the winter you gain a few extra layers around the midriff, thighs, and bum. Not exactly bathing suit body material. But not to worry! There are a few fantastic workouts you can participate in to get yourself ready for that bathing suit! fitness club montreal

  • Gotta Eat Right: One of the biggest keys to losing a few extra pounds is to eat right. So, put away those chips and candy bars and grab an orange, eat a salad, and drink a ton of water. Eating right and drinking plenty of water will make a huge difference. Follow a meal plan for extra help and encouragement.
  • Sweat is Sweet! Losing weight includes getting sweaty. To lose a few of those extra calories you ingested, you need to sweat it out. That includes going for a run on the treadmill, lifting weights, and doing cardio workouts
  • Focus on Losing the Flab: Another main key to losing weight is to focus on parts of your body, like your stomach and glutes, and really work those out. You want to do a full body workout, but make sure to focus on key points of your body to really get those parts in excellent shape.
  • Be Aware of Your Posture: Believe it or not, something as simple as sitting straight and focusing on your posture can make a big difference. Not only do you look better, but your back and neck will feel better as well. Also, sucking in your belly button will not only engage your ab muscles, but you will also look thinner as well!
  • Watch Your Alcohol: Those fun weekend extravaganzas with booze, beer, and buddies need to be watched. Alcohol is full of calories, which puts on unnecessary pounds. So only have an occasional beer, and make sure to drink plenty of water to keep yourself from getting dehydrated.
  • Fruit is Fabulous: Instead of drinking juice or casino Gatorade or eating French fries and burgers, try indulging in melons instead. Melons will hydrate you, fill you up, and make you feel better about your food indulgences.
  • Log Your Pounds: Keep yourself on track by logging your progress. Find a fantastic app on your phone and make sure that you keep up with it. With mobile apps, they’re easy to access, and you don’t have the excuse of a lost pen and paper.
  • Go to the Gym: Gyms are great. Not only do you have every workout machine that you need at your fingertips, but you also have the motivation of friends and a personal trainer. Here at CDMGym, we have everything and everyone you need in order to kick your motivation into 5th gear.
  • Enroll in a Class: Motivation! Get involved in a workout class, such as yoga, Insanity, Spinning, or Kick Boxing.

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Getting fit doesn’t have to be an unattainable dream, but it can be a dream come true. By eating right, getting active, and enrolling in a class here at CDMGym, you can really vamp up your success and get that summer body ready in no time at all!

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