CDM Gym Montreal | Summer Time Sexy: Staying Fit Despite Vacation !

Summer Time Sexy: Staying Fit Despite Vacation !

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Summer Time Sexy: Staying Fit Despite Vacation !

When it comes to summertime, most all of us are ready to pack our days with holiday fun, vacations, and parties of every kind imaginable. Not to mention, with  each one of these fun-filled days comes junk food and beverages that we don’t normally eat or drink like desserts, alcoholic beverages, burgers, and more. Our bodies take a beating when it comes to summertime vacations, oft times putting us back a couple progressive steps. Keeping up a good workout regimen is important because it keeps you in good shape, without the repercussions of an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise. Here are a few ways to keep your body feeling its best during one of the busiest times of the year!

stay fit summer

How to Stay in Shape in the Summer

  • Keep Up the Good Work: By staying actively involved at your gym, it becomes a habit, a healthy, beneficial one. It becomes second nature to head to CDMGym and get a good sweat on before the events of the day. Going to the gym at least three times a week can help keep you in tip top shape.
  • Get Involved: By signing up for a workout class, such as flow yoga, HIIT Spin, or Boxing Boot camp, you feel more obligated to go. When you have a fantastic support group, they can help encourage you to continue your healthy regimen. It’s an all-around bonus to join a class or two!
  • Quick, Yet Efficient: Time is of the essence in everyone’s book, and we know that summer time seems to have a lack in hours. With that in mind, even if you don’t have a full hour to spend at the gym, taking 30 minutes to do a power workout at the gym or even at home is enough to keep your body healthy and in shape. Getting your heart rate up and getting a good sweat on can help keep the calories off and keep your weight in check.
  • Help with the Guilt: After all the parties, food, and drinks, it’s nice to have the outlet of working out to get rid of some of those extra calories. Doing something like a 45 minute spinning class really gets your heart rate racing, helping your body to rid itself of calories. Enjoy your vacations and enjoy the occasional “cheat” food, but make sure to keep your diet and exercise in check!

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 It’s Important to Work Out in the Summer

Working out in the summer time is beneficial for several different reasons, as we’ve seen. A healthier life is a better life, and maintaining a good workout regimen is one way to stay looking and feeling your best! Here at CDMGym, we have a fantastic selection of workout equipment as well as classes that will help motivate you, change you, and help you grow healthier and stronger. Each time you hit the gym, you’re giving your body the treatment it needs! If you are interested in joining our gym and/or one of our classes, be sure to give us a call or stop on by!

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