CDM Gym Montreal | Things you can do to Help Shed the Excess Pounds

Things you can do to Help Shed the Excess Pounds

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Things you can do to Help Shed the Excess Pounds

We all know the routine; exercise and eat healthy. Calories in = calories out, but sometimes it seems as if it’s not enough. Even when it seems like we are eating healthy and exercising enough we still can’t shed those last 10 pounds. Here are a few tips to drop those last few stubborn pounds once and for all.

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Use a smaller plate

Moderation is key. Research shows that less food is better. Less food provides our body with the time it needs to digest and absorb necessary nutrients. Overburdening the body with excessive amounts of calories and eating around the clock can cause it to become sluggish. Choose to eat only when you are hungry and eat smaller portions than what you do now.

A trick to eating less is to use smaller plates and bowls. Research shows that we feel satisfied when we consume a full plate, regardless of the size of the plate. Try using a smaller plate or bowl the next time you eat. You will trick your mind into feeling full and will convince your body to shed the extra pounds.

eat smaller portions

Carry a Gallon of Water

A gallon of water is approximately how much water a person should drink per day. It’s also a great online casino way to keep track of how much you are drinking.

Water helps to flush our bodies and keep everything in balance. Staying well hydrated can help with digestion, mood, skin, and of course, weight.

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Water also helps us to feel satiated. Sometimes it is easy to misunderstand the growling stomach as a sign that we need more food. In actuality, your body probably just needs more water. Next time you feel hungry try drinking a glass of water and wait 20 minutes. More often than not, that growling noise coming from your stomach will go away. It’s an easy way to cut out some pointless calories too!

drink water

Count Those Sheep

Get the necessary 6-8 hours of sleep each night. Research shows that a lack of sleep increases hormone levels in the body and can cause the body to feel hungry and eat more the following day. Instead of staying up all night refocus your priorities to get the right amount of sleep. Your body will eventually adjust by making you feel more alert and possibly at least few pounds lighter.

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Skip the Coffee

Ok, rather than skip it all together at least attempt to cut down. Coffee is a diuretic meaning that it eliminates water from the body. It also alters hormone levels and because of that, it can cause you to consume more calories. One coffee in the morning isn’t detrimental but if you are drinking 3 plus cups a day you might want to reconsider. Once you get over the 3 day hump of coffee withdrawal; you will feel much better. Ironically, you will feel as if you have more energy than you did while riding the caffeine roller coaster.


Less sugar please!

At the beginning of the century getting too much sugar was not on the list of things to avoid. Why? Processed foods were not available. People still ate sugar but everything was made from scratch and items like cookies and cakes were a rare treat, not a daily occurrence. Today, sugar is in everything! Every boxed meal and drink includes more sugar than what we should have in an entire day! Learn to read nutritional labels on all packaged items. You will be surprised how much sugar you can cut out of your diet.

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