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Why Spinning Is a Workout Meant for You

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Why Spinning Is a Workout Meant for You

Ever heard of spinning? Sounds weird, right? But in reality, it’s one of the most enjoyable, fun, heart racing, energetic, complete workouts you’ll engage in today! If you’re interested in learning more about the many benefits of spinning, than take a look below and see why spinning is a workout meant for you!

spinning montrealWhat Is Spinning?

Sounds a little different, right? Well, spinning is just a stationary bike that’s indoors. You don’t have to invest in a top quality bike, you’re not subjected to the weather, and you get an all-around fantastic workout. For those of you who love biking, this is a great exercise for all off seasons and days!

Why Should You Sign Up for Spinning?

Put it this way – spinning is a complete workout that burns a ton of calories in a short amount of time. You get an amazing leg workout, you’re getting a cardio workout, and you’re increasing your lung capacity. Here are a few other reasons why spinning is a class you definitely need to get involved with:

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  • Your Comfort, Your Pace: With actual biking, if you can’t keep up with the rest of the group, you risk getting left behind. Not so with spinning. You’re all stationary, so you can easily go your own pace without pushing yourself over your limit. If you can’t bike as fast or do the same routines, it’s ok.
  • Fabulous Legs: Spinning is a workout that will tone your legs and give you red-carpet worthy muscles everyone dreams of. With summer swimming around the corner, having sexy, toned, muscled legs is a must-have!
  • Work Those Abs: Not only do you work out your legs, but you also get a great abdominal workout as well. When you have the right posture, your body starts what’s called rhythm release. Moving your upper body side to side and keeping good posture helps to work out your muscles up top as well as down below.
  • It’s Fun and Beneficial: Not only are you getting one of the best workouts, but you’re also surrounded by people who are enjoying their time as well. With such can-do attitudes around you, the atmosphere is pure enjoyment. Yes, it’s hard, yes you’ll work up a sweat, and yes you’ll feel tired, but you’ll also have the time of your life reaching and busting through goals with great people who have the same fitness ideas in mind.
  • Find Your Breaking Point and Break Through It: With spinning classes, you’ll definitely find your workout breaking point. And that’s the goal. Once you reach that point, you’re supposed to spin right through it, getting past that point and reaching goals you never thought you could reach.
  • It’s a Morale Booster: Let’s be honest, when you work out and you try hard and you reach goals, you feel a whole lot better about yourself, giving you a nice, healthy dose of self-confidence.

Here at CDMGym, we have some great spinning classes you should definitely enroll in. Now that you know some of the many benefits of spinning, why not try it out for yourself? If you’re interested in joining a spinning class, make sure to give us a call and visit our gym!

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