CDM Gym Montreal | Winter Workouts: Why You Need to Keep Up Your Routine

Winter Workouts: Why You Need to Keep Up Your Routine

cold weather exercise

Winter Workouts: Why You Need to Keep Up Your Routine

When it comes to winter, everyone automatically thinks vacation when it comes to your workout routines. No more bikinis, shorts, and tank tops, but instead you don your jackets, sweaters, jeans and pants, boots, and muffs. Working out in the winter is just as important as in the summer. You don’t want to fall back to square one just because your body isn’t on display as much. Here are 4 reasons why working out in the winter is a must-do this season!

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Workout Outside

It’s cold, we know, but you’ll experience a lot of benefits just by being active outdoors. Don’t keep yourself cooped up all winter, but instead, don those winter clothes and get active! Here’s why:

  • Baby it’s Cold Outside: The cold is actually beneficial for your workouts simply because you burn more calories. Think about it, when you’re cold, you move faster, run harder, work more rigorously. Therefore, you burn more calories. So get off the treadmill and take your running outdoors!
  • Fabulously Fresh: There is absolutely nothing better than cool air that’s fresh. When you work out, you take deep breaths to fill your hard-working lungs. Working out outdoors is a lot healthier than indoors, simply because the air is cleaner, fresher, and better for you.

Don’t Lose Your Progress: It’s tempting to stay indoors, cozy up on the couch, drink that hot chocolate and eat those delectable Christmas cookies. But instead of wasting all that progress you worked hard for in the summer, keep up your workout routine so you can stay healthy, feel good, and remain in shape. Plus, you won’t have to work so hard in the summer to get rid of all those Christmas cookies sitting heavy on your belly and thighs.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy: The weather does affect your mood, whether or not you realize it. When you are stationary day in and day out, you start to feel gloomy and sluggish. Working out not only helps to keep you active, but it also helps to keep your state of mind cheery and bright. Avoid those winter blues with a nice workout routine.

Find Fun Routines: You don’t have to do the same routines you did during the summer. Instead, opt for fun, seasonal workouts you can only do during snowy months. Opt for activities such as skiing, snowboarding, or ice skating. Not only do those outdoor activities get you outside but they also get you motivated, out with friends, and give you a great opportunity to try and enjoy a few new things!

cold weather exercise

CDMGym Montreal

Here at CDMGym, we have excellent trainers that are here to help you fight off those winter blues, stay in shape, and enjoy the winter months and your workouts! We know that it can be difficult to stay motivated, so that’s why we are here to help you. If you are interested in getting a personal trainer, than make sure to give us a call and meet with our expert trainers!

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